Thursday, April 5, 2012

Marilyn... need I say more?

  Oh My! I'm so sorry guys! I've left you all alone for like a month! Please forgive me, I really have no good explanation for it, I've just not really been paying attention. I don't know what's wrong with me. Anyway, lately, I've been in some sort of drama fever. Not like Drama Queen, Prom, Popularity drama, but like Acting, Theater, Arts kind of drama. It started about two weeks ago when I was hit with Wicked fever. Wicked is my absolute favorite musical in the world. No doubt about it. I love everything about it, the complexity, the storyline, the emotion, the subtext. LOVE IT! So I randomly got hit with a small case of Wicked, dragging my mom with me. Maniacal laugh... Maniacal laugh...
       Then I watched that new movie "My Week With Marilyn". Wow... amazing. Michelle Williams was so amazing, sometimes I had to remind myself that she wasn't actually Marilyn. That movie inspired me. Suddenly, I constantly thought about Marilyn, what she would do, how her life was. It was tragic, and she became my new obsession. She still is. I went online and watched as many Marilyn movies as I could find. Even Monkey Business that barely has anything to do with Marilyn. I watched the Prince and the Showgirl. That movie is the main setting and plot of My Week With Marilyn, so naturally I had to watch it. It was really funny, and I kept merging the two movies together in my mind.
    Then, like a good little nerd, I went to the library and checked out every book about Marilyn they had I (which wasn't much, only two books and Some Like It Hot the movie). One book is a compilation of a bunch of Marilyn's notes and notebooks and pictures and such, found by the Lee Strasberg's daughter in her attic. For those of you who don't know, Lee was Marilyn's #1 acting coach who received a lot in Marilyn's will, those notes included. I'm looking it over rigfht now and it's pretty interesting.
    Marilyn is so inspiring. She was a truly gifted actress but no one could tell her so. She had a case of the lowest self-esteem America has seen in a while. I wish that I could have a fraction of her talent, but I don't want her life. R.I.P. Norma Jeane...

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

No business like Show Business

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

From the opening scene, to the bows...

 It's over! After 3 months of grueling, painstaking practice, (total dramatization) I am done with my musical. We worked hard to perfect the wonderful musical, Fiddler on the Roof Jr. To put it in my mother's words, "I believe we did a smashing job!".
  I remember auditions in 2011 about November. I was so nervous, I've never done this thing before. Even though I was nervous, I was determined to try my hardest and get the best part I could. Then, as I was standing up to sing my part, I choked. I started singing high, quietly, like a whisper. Everyone can do that. I felt my eyes water up, I absolutely blew the singing part of it. I sat in the corner and waited out the rest of the singing until it came part to show my hand at acting. They gave us a script book and a part, and we did our best. This one, I knew what I could do. No one can make me ruin my acting, that's my strongest talent! I was "temporarily" given the part of Yente, and when my time came, I put all my feelings and ideas and cheesy accents into one line. It was quite a long line. I sounded amazing, even I could tell, the director and assistant director looked at me in shock. Oh yeah, I'm that awesome.
  After that, I eagerly awaited to hear if I made it into the musical, thankfully I did, now I just had to hear if I was going to get a good part. After all, they still didn't know that I could actually sing, since I ruined my audition. The time came and I realized with horror that I got Yente. Oh great, I got an old lady that barely says anything. I was pretty upset.
  I regret to admit that I acted like a brat for the beginning of the rehearsals. I did nothing but pout and mope. I didn't know anyone, and they all seemed to believe they were so much better than me because they'd done it before. Well, eventually I got fed up with whining and being hard on myself, and I embraced myself for who I am, an obnoxious, loud-mouthed, funny and air-headed Yente! I had all sorts of fun with it.
  The next couple of months I did nothing but focus my inner Yente, I worked hard to focus and channel and think about what Yente would do in everyday situations. I was dedicated to my character.
  My musical was last night and my Grandma even flew out her from Wisconsin just to see my performance. After three months, one night ends it all. Today was my cast party and while it was fun at first, we all slowly realized that we're never going to be altogether again. It was quite melancholy if you think about it.
  Three months. Three months of work taught me a lot, not just about the musical and storyline, but about myself too. Now, I see myself as Yente, the Polish matchmaker. And that's all I could have hoped to think.
  I love Fiddler on the Roof.

Now this song seems to match something in me; and it's in my head:

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Parting is such Sweet Sorrow...

  It's been a while since I last posted I realize. Oh well. I've been really busy with Fiddler and stuff. I had Fine Arts night on Thursday. Fine Arts Night is an event at school in which some of the best artwork of the year is put on display and all of the Music Clubs perform in some small way. It's just our school's way of pretending we are wonderful and trying to get other kids to turn into joiners like me and my friends. I performed a scene of Fiddler and played two songs with my Guitar Madness club in which we kicked butt! I also started Fine Arts Night by announcing the National Anthem played on the guitar by my friend Tyrin and then announcing Guitar Madness itself. We were the first to perform that night. It was major fun.
  But before that fun night, I had a sad one. One week ago, I said goodbye to someone special. They were someone who I knew and liked, but could have known better. They moved to Pennsylvania to be near family. As a military brat, I understand the "moving process" well. I know that everyone eventually moves on from smalltown Carthage.
  So I said goodbye to them, and as all goodbyes are, it was hard. Goodbyes should never be looked forward to, no matter what the circumstances are. I just hope they have a wonderful time in Pennsylvania, I hope they don't forget about me, I know I sure won't forget about them anytime soon.

"Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow,
That I shall say good night till it be morrow"

Friday, February 24, 2012

Camp Lazlo... Small Potatoes. Oh La La!

I was watching TV with my little brother Hunter this morning, and got a glimpse of today's children's shows. I watch all those teen shows, like Glee, which happens to be my favorite. But I didn't realize until now, what weirdness is being shown on TV in the morning. I like some of the shows, you should really check them out:
  • Jake and the Neverland Pirates
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • What's new Scooby-Doo?
  • Looney Tunes (I know you know that one)
  • Tom and Jerry (another classic)
  • Little Bill
  • Olivia
      Most of these shows have been running for a while, but it seems that lately, channels have been canceling good shows, and replacing them with junk. Remember Imagination Movers? Awesome show, me and Hunter loved that one. But it's gone now.
      Ever hear of Small Potatoes? Neither have I before this morning. It's where potatoes sing about love and caring and stuff like that. It's one of those five minute short things on Disney Junior, formerly known as Playhouse Disney. A potato? Seriously, that's all these big executives could think of? I find it odd. 
       These shows keep getting dumber and dumber. You know Camp Lazlo, from Cartoon Network? It's about a broken down old camp inhabited by misfits and weirdos. And a camp counselor who hates the world. I saw one episode where someone married a tree! Not the best show in the world.
     Cartoon Network is full of odd shows. The Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time, Regular Show, we can barely watch the channel anymore because most of the shows are just plain wrong. Remember Dexter's Laboratory? I based my life on Dee Dee! Johnny Bravo? Powerpuff Girls? Some of my favorite shows as a littler kid.
  Today, I just noticed how little pop culture there is in these modern day children's shows. It was... different. If this is how technology evolves, I don't want to be a part of that. I'll stick to the classics. Where Bambi saves the forest, and Cinderella gets Prince Charming. The rest of the world can move on if they want.
   I dare you to comment and tell me your favorite TV show as a kid. We'll see who really reads my blog.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mardi Gras!

Today is Mardi Gras, the day of all days. One of the few days of the year when you can eat and party all day and have an excuse. This also works for New Year's Eve, Christmas, and your birthday if it's on a weekend. And if you're lucky enough to have Mardi Gras parades near you, go to them. They are so much fun! If the only one that is near you is the ten minute parade that passes your house, then at least you have one. Us in the North don't get anything. If you're near New Orleans, GO to Mardi Gras THERE! It will be one of the funnest parties you've ever been to. The whole town is one big party. If you, like my friend, can go to Mardi Gras in Venice, then I will forever hold a grudge against you because the closest I've come to international is Canada. But I heard that is fun to go to as well.
  Mardi Gras is the day where you eat a big feast, get fat, and fall asleep drunk. I should know because I did a big newspaper article on it in my elementary school paper. But the day after Mardi Gras is the anti-party. Ash Wednesday is when your parents come home after your party and make you clean up and do extra chores as your punishment. It is the hangover treatment of all parties. The part when you sober up and realize you have work to do. Ash Wednesday is the start of Lent.
  On Ash Wednesday, you must finally decide what it is that you want to give up. On Lent, a person gives up something that is of great importance to them for 40 days and 40 nights in symbolism to Jesus fasting in the desert with no food or drink for 40 days and 40 nights. But something that is reasonable, so you cannot give up homework or school, or if you're an adult, work. Say you're always on the computer, then it might be beneficial to give up the computer for Lent. Or say you're a choco-holic. You could give up chocolate. One year, I gave up computer, I realized it wasn't that hard. Last year I gave up chocolate, a lot harder than computer.
  This year, I think I'm giving up junk food altogether. Yes, this so extremely hard, that I will need your help. First, if you are doing Lent, leave a comment, telling me what it is. If you're not doing Lent, it's ok, everyone has their own religion. 1st Amendment. Then, I am going to be held accountable to everyone reading this. If you happen to get the idea that I am breaking this junk food fast, please remind me of what it is I am doing.
The end of Lent, is Easter. On that day, you can binge, have fun, and play on the computer as much as you want. Lent will be over. Until then, good luck!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

First Date

Do you remember yours? Mine was last night, at Showtime Skating, our local roller rink. Yes, very 70s, but it was beyond fun. We skated for only 2 hrs, but my feet were in pain anyways.
Yesterday was a long day for me:
1: Wake up at 7:30 and go to gymnastics at 8:30.
2: Have 1/2 hr private lesson with one of my awesome friends and coaches, Carolyn, (who's probably reading this).
3: Help coach for 3 hrs with Carolyn, (sometimes my mom)
4: Take a Level 5 class with another coach, Amber for 1 hr (almost break my tailbone doing a front tuck)
5: Come home and do some chores.
6: Go to showtime where I meet Max, an amazing guy who I've had a crush on for a while and he asked me out last week.
7: Skate for what seems like forever. (I didn't fall once! Though I had some close calls and maybe tripped a couple people.)
8: Take a break in which he offers to buy me a drink (How sweet) but I decline because I'm weird like that.
9: Realize how tired I am, but I'm having so much fun I don't even realize it.
10: Go right back out on the floor and skate some more, taking breaks more and mroe as my feet feel like they are gaining blisters. Stupid Mental Rentals...
11: Then as 7:00 finally rolls around the corner, we stop, take off our skates,( painstakingly for me.)
12: Say goodbye sadly, but I know I'll see him soon.

I had my first date last night. It was fantastic! I had a lot of fun!

Monday, February 13, 2012


Love is in the air. It's Valentine's Day tomorrow! One of my favorite holidays. Valentine's day is largely disputed among middle school. Some like it, some hate it. To us, the only thing that ever seems to be circulating in our head besides hormones is who we are currently "dating" if anyone. It sounds sad considering the fact that most of us don't even actually go out on "dates". Because obviously, we're too young, as most of you are thinking right now. I am not at liberty to discuss my thoughts on that.
  For most, not even just middle and high schoolers, but for a lot of people, Valentine's Day is about your significant other. You take the time to realize how much they mean to you. You thank them for being there for you, for actually giving you the time of day, for loving you. But Valentine's Day is also about realizing how much you love your family. You don't always have to have a significant other to celebrate Valentine's Day.
  Love. To be spent with family, or a significant other if you're lucky to have one. Always fun. In elementary school, we'd walk around the classroom and give our friends fun little cards we got from Wal-Mart  that had cute pictures of barbie or Toy Story. The Valentines would always have crude little messages that were very punny. Like BEE my Valentine or I LUV YOU 2. Messages we didn't mean or know about but thought looked cool.  We'd make boxes and get to sit around all day and eat the candy that we got. A little party would be thrown. To this day, i still have no idea why they celebrated it, but I didn't want to question the idea of getting free candy. It's as wonderful as Halloween!
  Of course, I had to do Valentine's nails. But my camera is acting up and doesn't seem to like me. Bear with me.

 Paint a base coat with light pink. I actually used a light pink at my friend Mckenzie's house but this was the exact same color just a different brand.
Thanks to the gorgeous red crackle my aunt gave me for my birthday, I have this creation. I put on one thing coat and surprisingly, the polish crackled the exact way I wanted it. Usually, it takes me a while t get the hang of the crackle but this was perfection.
Yeah, like I said, my camera is not my bestfriend right now. I guess I'll just have to tell you and let you imagine it. Yes, I want you to visualize. I took a silver striper and put french tips on the four of my connected fingers and a big silver heart outline on my thumb. In my opinion. They look totally cute. I absolutely love this polish. The crackle kind of gives it a zebra/ tiger kind of look, maybe I could do this alone... Oh the ideas...
What I used:
  • Max Factor Diamond Hard Formula
  • OPI Red Crackle
  • Kiss Nail Art Sliver Glitter Striper
But anyway. May your day be full of love! From friends, from family, even saying hello to your neighbor! I hope your Valentine's Days will be splendiferous!

And to get into the splendiferous mood, listen to this while painting your LOVEly nails: